Saturday, January 1, 2005

5s and 10s for 2004

As has become the tradition, here are the games I played this year at least 20 times, 10 times and 5 times.
Italicized games have appeared on my lists in past years. See also my list from last year.

I played somewhat fewer games total this year, but also fewer different titles which means the 5s and 10s list is about the same size as usual. It was a good year for word games (Electronic Catchphrase, Typo and Buy Word) as well as for new games.


Electronic Catchphrase (23)


10 Days in Africa (13), Crokinole (13), Quack Shot (13), San Juan (13),
Heroscape (11)


Adam & Eva (8), Typo (8), Phoenix (7), Tongiaki (7), Buy Word (6),
Einfach Genial (6), Geschenkt (6), Light Speed (6)
Ma Ni Ki (6), Oasis (6), Power Grid (6), Yinsh (6), Goa (5),
Magic: the Gathering (5), Marco Polo (5), St. Petersburg (5), Zirkus Flohcati (5)

The only game on this list that doesn't entirely "deserve" to be there is Quack Shot, which was played 13 times all in one sitting.

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