Monday, December 6, 2004

November 2004 Games

36 games played, 20 titles (8 new to me) over 8 sessions with 38 different people.

Hot Games for November, 2004

Buy Word (6 plays)
This is a fun word game. I'll try to write a full review soon.
Leapfrog (3 plays)
Interesting simple game of simultaneous action selection.
Light Speed (6 plays)
Still one of the best speed games around.
Princes of Florence (1 play)
I tried a prestige card focused strategy. Not a win, but some success.
Victory & Honor (1 play)
I'm wondering about it's staying power, but it's fun.
Electronic Catchphrase (3 plays)
beep beep beep
Heroscape (1 play)
My main current wish on this is that it didn't take so long to set up. Still fun.
San Juan (1 play)
Production buildings just aren't that useful.
Plupsack (2 plays)
I've come up with some new mnemonic approaches that make me less awful at this.
Typo (1 play)
Buy Word is better, but this is still a fun word game.

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