Sunday, November 7, 2004

October 2004 Games

30 games played, 27 titles (7 new to me) over 8 sessions with 33 different people.

Hot Games for October, 2004

Goa (1 play)
Some of the shine is beginning to come off of this, but it's still great.

Victory & Honor (1 play)
Clever, different, interesting trick taking game.

Goldbrau (1 play)
Fun combination of business and simultanous action selection.

Puerto Rico (1 play)
I somehow went months without playing this. I apparently forgot a great deal of strategy.

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (1 play)
Another great and extremely clever trick taking game

Exxtra (2 plays)
An underplayed filler.

Ticket to Ride (1 play)
I managed to complete about 7 routes and still lose.

Crokinole (2 plays)
One of many perennials.

Ra (1 play)
Another old favorite.

Heroscape (1 play)
I continue to be surprised how much I enjoy this...

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