Monday, August 16, 2004

Hush little baby

Genevieve is usally pretty good about being consolable.
That is, she'll be upset at times and need something, but we can
usually pretty rapidly figure it out. This evening, however, this
didn't seem to be the case. We fed her, changed her, swaddled her,
rocked her, talked to her and held her in various ways, with only very
limited success.

I had read that babies like white noise, particularly loud white
noise. So, as an experiment, I opened up
Audacity, told it to generate some
whitenoise, set the volume on the laptop to maximum and hit play.
Within 10 seconds, she was entranced. Still wide awake, but entranced
and quiet. Despite having read about babies' penchant for loud white
noise, I was rather surprised. Try it sometime for yourself. Really
loud white noise is quite annoying. However, half an hour later,
she's now asleep in my lap as I type this, with rather irritating
white noise blasting out of the laptop.

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