Monday, January 26, 2004

Adam And Eva

Adam and Eva is a new game in the Ravensburger "Fun for Two" series by Aaron Weissblum. This is "Balloon Cup" meets "San Marco". It's very good. There you go, that's all you need to know. Go get it.

Actually, it's not really that much like either of them, but they aren't absurd starting points. I'm not going to give my personal rewrite of the rules here, because I hate reviews like that. I'm sure someone else will review it and regurgitate the rules. You play cards, your opponent chooses who gets it. You win apples. This is a light game, lighter than Balloon Cup, but it's got some interesting decisions. It's got a fair amount of luck. The game is played over four hands and some hands are simply better than others and the timing of when you get a good hand can make a big difference. But, it's got a good bit of skill, and for a 20 minute game, it's at a level of luck I like.

The core mechanic is that you present a card, and your opponent chooses whether you or he gets it, where you're each only going to get half the cards. This makes for some interesting tactics and choices where you try to finesse your opponent into taking the cards that look good but aren't going to make a big difference.

If you like games that are light, clever, quick and have some subltety, if not substantial depth, you'll like Adam and Eva. It's certainly my favorite of the "Fun for Two" series so far (both Richelieu and Bakerstreet are good, but nothing particularly special, in my view).

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