Saturday, November 16, 2002

Sackson Auction

The first part of the auction was a series of "box lots", where 1 to 3 boxes
full of games were auctioned at once. They went for prices ranging from $15 to
over $300, typically $50 or so per box. There were about 350 boxes done this
way. They included miscellaneous junk, prototypes, sid's notes, and valuable
stuff like Eon CE expansions. Many spielfrieks won lots.

After a short break, they started the individual game auctions. Most of this is
older stuff and often went for quite a bit individually. A 1941 Wizard of Oz
board, with no box, pieces or rules went for $190. Few spielfrieks I noticed
bid on these.

Finally, part way through the individual games, they did the shelf lots, where
the most spielfieky style games were. Many 3M games, as well as a lot of
German games went in these lots. Among other things, I got myself an instant 3M
bookshelf collection.
The SPI games brought some of the higher prices of the event.

The whole auction wrapped up around 7, and a small amount of trading amongst
buyers occured. Overall, a very nice event.

An important note was that despite selling about 10,000 games, this was only a
little more than half of the collection. The rest will be auctioned in the

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