Sunday, April 21, 2002

Back from the Gathering

I've gone a while without an entry here, but part of that has been due
to the fact that I've been at the infamous "Gathering of Friends" for
the past week or so. I'll write more here later in detail, but here's
a few quick comments:

I played 91 games (64 different games) with 105 different people. The
people were all great and I had a wonderful time. As for the "new"


Puerto Rico, TransAmerica, Pizarro, Pueblo


Alles im Eimer, How Ruck!, Clash of the Gladiators, Dschunke, Die
Sieben Weisen, Maginor, Zahltag


Goldland (though worth trying), Cairo, Lumberjack

I'll post more detailed comments soon.

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