Tuesday, March 19, 2002

Velcro instead of rubberbands

[someone posted to r.g.b. pointing out that rubber bands can
degrade over time an damage game boxes. This was my reply]

I've noticed this phenomenon myself and came up with something that I
like a lot as a solution. Velcro makes a product called "One-Wrap
Brand Qwik Tape". If you've seen velcro tape before, it's like that,
but much much lower profile (thinner), and the "rough" side isn't as
rough feeling at normal velcro (hence less abrasive to game boxes).

Another advantage of this stuff is it is non-constrictive which means in
addition to not damaging the game due to rubber-band decay, it doesn't
dig little grooves into the cardboard either.

It holds the games together great for both transporting and for
keeping on shelves if the shelf isn't 100% full.

The good news is that it's cheap. The bad news is that the only place
I've found to get it is
wholesale on the web with a minimum $50 order.

I highly recommend it.

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