Wednesday, February 27, 2002

BGS News Changes

When I created href="">BoardGameStuff News, I
thought about making it a weblog with a mixture of news, reviews,
opinions, etc. I decided at the time I was more interested in
creating a news focused site that would have information about new
releases, games in the news and that sort of thing, and hoped that
others would submit stories when they found them. Unfortunately, this
latter feature didn't really happen with the exception of a few users,
and when I neglected it, it would go long periods without update.

So, rather than letting that stagnate, I considered turning it into a
more "personal" web log. Thinking about this, I realized the system I
am using (squishdot) is not really well suited for that, since it has
a web based submission and moderation and such. Given this, and that
I'm really changing the content anyway, I decided to use a different
system. Maybe I'll put news and stuff here at some point. I don't
know. I welcome input, so please email me ({email}) with any thoughts
or comments. As with most people who maintain these sorts of things,
I appreciate any feedback.

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